6 things that make GayWorld the 'f'un-Social Network!

These days people have no shortage of places to connect with friends, family, co-workers, influencers, etc. These spaces are developed by a select minority of people to attract as much of the majority of users. This increases the size of those communities, but not necessarily the quality.
These ‘Social Networks’ offer ‘free’ features people can use as long as they agree to give up some of their privacy. Typically, those spaces are filled with toxic people, and content aimed at people like us … Queer people.

We all want to belong.
We all want to be seen as we truly are. The people here, and the groups from which they come, have not always been allowed to belong. Stories connect us together. Relate to their vulnerability, recognize their resilience, and appreciate their joy and power as they live to be their most authentic selves. Listen to these stories of change in a community over time, and stories of personal change. Ask yourself, can you see what they see? Can you see someone for who they truly are?

  1. A safe-space for chosen family - LGBTQ+A people and our Allies
  2. Honest, unvarnished truth about how we live our lives
  3. Created by Queer people for Queer People
  4. Connecting people online, to local real-life everyday resources
  5. Polite, respectful conversation & sharing of ideas
  6. An honoured place at the table for Queer BIPOC community