Coming out, to my mom on Valentine’s Day!

In my Previous Post The Internet Made Me Gay. I described when I first knew I was gay. This post covers how I told my Mom and Dad.

Coming out to my Mom on Valentine’s day

My twin brother and I had moved to Toronto and were living and working there. My mom had divorced my father and re-married an older catholic italian man from the USA, she met in Mexico. My mom and her husband had returned to Canada from Central America to live with my brother and I on February 14 Valentine’s Day.

So we were catching up about discussing leaving Calgary and conversation wound around to high-school friends, where are they now. Mom asked about my ex-girlfriend Cara, not the woman I had had sex with in my previous post.

“How is Cara doing?” Mom asked
“Cara is doing good, we saw them because Nikki owned a Saturn too”
“Who’s Nikki?” asked my mom.
“Nikki is Cara‘s girlfriend”
“Oh she’s one of those? Is she?”
“Yes mom, and so am I” I said.

I then proceeded to hyperventilate, and had a small panic attack after telling my mom I was gay. Mom hugged me and and she said had thought that I was for many years. She and her husband marched with me in my first Pride Parade later than summer in Toronto 1997.

Coming out to my Dad

Years later, my brother had moved to Boston, Massachusetts and he was dating a lady named who would end up being his wife. My father called me one afternoon from South Africa, he had recently moved back, to be closer with his brother and sister-in-law and his niece and nephew.

He jokingly asked, “When am I going to get grandkids?”
I said nervously Dad "You had better speak to the heterosexual side of the family!”
He and I both laughed and quickly got off the phone.

My father came to live with me in Toronto briefly at the end of his life and we were able to patch up our relationship after the damage his break-up with my mom has caused in our family.

I’m happy both my Mom and Dad accepted me for who I am.

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