Gay men’s choirs around the US are making heartwarming group videos


The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus recently honored health care workers and first responders with a mash-up of “True Colors” and “Brave” by Cyndi Lauper and Sara Bareilles. “You are our heroes” appears in typeface right before a diverse cross-section of San Francisco’s queer community starts blending in perfect harmony, which is basically your cue to start the waterworks at home. The video features a 150-person ensemble singing together virtually and is edited to look like an extended gay family reunion of the Brady Bunch.

If you’re digging the dulcet tones, check out the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus next. The choir, which canceled a concert for the first time in 38 years last month, released a song dedicated to those impacted by the pandemic. The video is a compilation of self-tapes made by choir members isolated throughout New England.