PHOTOS: Cheyenne Jackson’s hotel room workout is making the internet sweat

Why wait until late November to express what you’re thankful for?

Actor and father of two, Cheyenne Jackson, took time to offer up some gratitude on Instagram. While he was at it, he showed off the results of his fitness regimen. In grey sweatpants, no less.

“Day 11 of quarantine and I’m thankful for a few things,” the 45-year-old performer wrote. “1.) My friend @mllovitt for helping me create challenging hotel room workouts & getting me to love coconut oil in my coffee, 2.) Kate Winslet, Jean Smart & Julianne Nicholson :flushed: 3.) My Jewish prince @jasonrlandau for holding down the fort at home so I can follow my passion and provide for my family. 4.) :sunny: in Vancouver!”

Number two, of course, refers to HBO’s Mare of Easttown, and we share in Jackson’s giving of thanks on that one. Going have to give coconut oil coffee a try and report back.

And just because we’re here:

Author:David Grant
Published:Jun 10, 2021 at 1:06 PM