*Pose* star Indya Moore recently donated $20,000 to trans individuals struggling with financial instability

Indya Moore, the nonbinary actress who stars in the FX television series Pose, promoted a campaign on their Instagram to raise money for trans and queer individuals in need of pandemic-related financial assistance. Moore raised over $20,000 through CashApp and has since distributed about $50 each to nearly 400 individuals. They’re also currently working with FX on a campaign called #FeedTheLove, which is raising awareness for families who don’t have access to nutritious food due to the pandemic. Moore, who survived a tumultuous childhood in the South Bronx and is now enjoying the glamorous side of a Cinderella story, knows a thing or two about hardship. Their willingness to use fame as a means of social advocacy is a lesson by which queer community could learn a thing or two.