‎Pride 2021 (DJ Mix) by Worthy on Apple Music


House · 2021

This is the first set that Oakland’s Worthy has made since coming out as transgender, which made the occasion of crafting a mix for Pride especially significant—in multiple ways. “I really wanted to show the range of music I have been playing lately in my weekly Dirtybird live stream,” she tells Apple Music. “A lot of walls have come down this year around me, both personally and musically. I used to focus most of my mixing according to the genre I’m most labelled in, which is bass house. But since I’ve come out, I’m exploring a lot of different, softer sounds that expand the range of sets, so I wanted to give a little taste of that in this mix.” That means deep, dreamy garage (DIM KELLY’s “Voile De Chine”), psychedelic disco house (Jimpster & Matt Masters’ “Dub Come Down”), and, perhaps most significantly, an unreleased Worthy song called “Love & Forgive.”


Zmorge mit Pascal (Roman Flügel Remix) [Mixed]

Skiclub Toggenburg

Dub Come Down (Mixed)

Matt Masters, Jimpster

Wheels of Motion (Mixed)

Ali Story

Roll the Dice (Mixed)

Sam Holland

Floorburn (Mixed)


Holdin (Mixed)


We Are Sound (Mixed)

Ben Hemsley

Take a Ride (Mixed)

Sapiencial (Mixed)

DJ Fronter

Activate the Booty (Mixed)

Lights Go Out (Mixed)

Chapter & Verse

Abracadabra (Mixed)

No Messin, Mexpha

ID (from Pride 2021: Worthy) [Mixed]


Tempus (Mixed)


Interlaker (Mixed)

Niles Shepard

Let’s Shake (Mixed)

Phonk D

Día de Ayer (feat. Héctor Lavoe) [Mixed]


Some Ppl Fall (Mixed)

J. Worra

Forget It (Mixed)


Calling Your Mind (feat. Alex Ronin) [Mixed]


Monkey Flute (Ampish Remix) [Mixed]

Badin Brothers

Don’t Call (Guy Gerber Rework) [Mixed]

Desire, Guy Gerber

I Wish You Were Here (feat. Nkemdi) [Stan Kolev Remix] [Mixed]

John Creamer, Stephane K

Voile De Chine (Mixed)



This is a great mixed set from ‘Worthy’ #HappyPride