Publishing for Pride: The Alphabet Soup Project

About the Author

Michael Bach is a speaker, author, and subject matter expert in the field of inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility (IDEA) and brings a vast knowledge of leading practices in a live setting to his work. He works as a consultant, advising clients on how to do IDEA right!

In his first book, Birds of All Feathers: Doing Diversity and Inclusion Right, he argues that creating diverse, inclusive workplaces is not just the right thing to do―it is the smart thing to do. Now, he’s back with his second book, Alphabet Soup: The Quintessential Guide to LGBTQ2+ Inclusion and he hopes to capture the support of contributors who can help publish this book, that will take readers on a journey of discovery with the objective of creative active allies to help achieve the elusive goal of true inclusion.

Covering chapters such as Breaking Down the Alphabet and The Importance of Safe Space, Michael shows allyship is a critical component in creating LGBTQ2+ inclusive spaces, and the various ways to engage with LGBTQ2+ employees, volunteers, students, parishioners, or just everyday people on the street.

Why Contribute

Michael came out as gay in 1987, when he was just 17. It was a scary time to be openly LGBTQ2+ but Michael’s journey around his sexuality and gender had started years earlier, as growing up he faced endless bullying for being “different”. This book is dedicated to every 9-year old lesbian, gay, bisexual, Trans*, queer and two-spirit kids out there, struggling to figure out who they are, in the hopes that it will help make a world where you can be your fabulous self and not feel any shame.

Michael’s goal in writing this book is to work toward a world where homophobia, transphobia and biphobia are things of the past. Where everyone can be themselves. Your contribution will help make Alphabet Soup possible.

To get Alphabet Soup in the hands of active allies everywhere, we hope to raise enough funds to publish this inclusion book. We’re so excited to offer you fabulous perks in exchange for your support.

We hope you’ll consider joining Michael Bach on his mission to help spread inclusivity and the creation of LGBTQ2+ safe spaces. If you’re unable to contribute, we hope you’ll help spread the word by sharing this campaign on social media and beyond.


Here is a fundraising campaign from a dear friend for his new book about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. The video appeal, is funny - and I’ve contributed to the campaign to get a book for my HR department.

Check it out!