Untold story of one of the women behind Cardiff's Lesbian Line

Zoe Balfour, who now lives in America, is one of many unsung hero’s of Cardiff’s LGBT + scene.

Co-founding the Cardiff Lesbian Line, a helpline for lesbian women struggling with their sexuality, Zoe’s work helped many young women in Wales feel welcomed into the scene and a part of a community.

Born in 1957 in Chicago, Zoe came to Cardiff when she was only a few months old and returned for a number of years after finishing university.

A prolific DJ, activist, and events organiser on the scene during the late '70s, Zoe used her love of dance and activism to create inclusive spaces for women, and lesbian women, to enjoy during that time. Still teaching dance classes online during the Covid-19 pandemic, Zoe reflected on her time on Cardiff’s LGBT+ scene.